New low end measuring plugin – Noisebud Evouyn

We think you going to like this one, it’s a plugin that gives you an hint if you have enough (or too much) low end in your mix. Evouyn has been developed by us and Saintpid Mastering.


The idea behind Evouyn was born when we came across a (not so well known) rule that the
energy below 50Hz in a well balanced mix/master should not exceed 1-2% of the total
spectrum. With a little insight in music and audio it’s not too hard to understand why this has
NOT become something that is implemented in common analysis tools, every track is unique
and the situations where the rule don’t apply is too common to make it a standard. For
example, Björk’s song – Hunter will give you a value of about 5% and the song ‘Royals’ by
Lorde will give you 2.4%, they both sound good. In both these cases, the production is
minimalistic and relies on bass heavy elements that built the esthetics of the whole song;
hence the 2% rule does not apply.
Nevertheless, it is a good starting point to get where you want and especially so if you lack a
monitor setup that faithfully can reproduce the very deep end, frequencies below 50Hz. And
if you produce something similar to these tracks you can still use Evouyn as a reference
even though you exceed 2%.

What does Evouyn do?
Evouyn measure the energy in the whole spectrum in both short term and an average about
20 seconds and calculate the percentage of the energy below 50Hz.
So why doesn’t it show a percentage? The first beta versions gave you a percentage in real
time but we realized that the number wasn’t much use and rarely matched the number for the
whole track. We abandoned the percentage and tried to find a better way of illustrating the
tracks spectral relation, we got the best result with the short term bar and the average
displayed just as colors. This might change in the future.

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