MIDI via Wifi and a small midi monitor plugin

We run out of USB ports and midi in ports on one of our live computers and needed a new way to send a sync signal between the computers. We tried a couple of apps and drivers for Bluetooth and Wifi and our conclusion is that rtpMIDI by Tobias Erichsen was the best choice for us. Not only cause it’s free but it can talk to both Apples and Windows machines “out of the box”.

Try it!: http://www.tobias-erichsen.de/rtpMIDI.html


Here’s another annoying thing that needed an quick fix. While preparing live sets we often need to check what kind of data our different controllers transmitting, we usually have MidiOX running in the background where you quickly monitor what’s sending. But if we forgot to launch it prior Ableton Live we have to quit live to get it working. We fixed that with this little plugin. It’s just a simple MIDI monitor that you put on a MIDI track with all ins enabled and it will monitor what Live receives. It’s not as detailed as OX but it gives you what you want most of the time.

https://www.noisebud.se/noisebud/Midi Monitor.dll

Remember that Live will ignore MIDI data that are already mapped, one of the reasons why OX is better.

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