MidSider 3

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MidSider is made to be used in Reaper, however, it should work in any DAW that supports a single track to handle at least 8 channels.

MidSider3 will give any plugin mid-side processing capabilities. With this version, it will also give you the ability to use the left or the right channel as well as a regular stereo operation to check how it will sound if processed normally without the need of leaving the plugin.


https://manuals.noisebud.se/MidSider 3 Manual

Available as:

Windows 32bit VST2

Windows 64bit VST2

Windows 64bit VST3

*MAC OSX 64bit AU

Good to know:

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    There are two ways to do this:
    • In your DAW, hit ‘Cancel’ to the message, then open System Preferences/Security & Privacy, you should see the plugin mentioned at the bottom. Click ‘Allow Anyway’ to enable it.
    • Open Terminal. Type the following three commands, hitting ‘return’ in between.
      sudo spctl –master-disable
      auval -a
      sudo spctl –master-enable