Crazy week

Chrome Legacy Window 2015-08-04 183425.bmp

Me as an human safety strap for the monitor system in Kraftwerk stage, Norbergfestival.

The last week have been crazy, I’ve been at Norbergfestival to calibrate the sound systems, secure the electricity and solving random technical problems at the same time as the development of the Indiegogo campaign plugins had to move forward, I also started to research how to make the old Synthedit plugins more CPU efficient and I wanted to add over-sample to Smile.  Puh, I’m glad the week is over and here’s the result from the most intense week of 2015.

Alpha-release of Lazy Kenneth 2.0 (Will be sent out to participants in the campaign shortly)

Listen 1.6 – 3-4x less load on your CPU!!!

Smile – now with oversample (installed as a separate plugin)