Catchdad Beta

We promised a sneak peak of our new plugin ‘Catchdad’ a couple of days ago so here’s a five minute uncut video clip with Johannes playing around with the little beast.  It’s in early beta stage and not ready for download yet but if you want it right away you could always e-mail us and we’ll probably send you a copy if you help us report bugs.


What it is:
You can record four snippets of audio and immediately start to program your samples with the build in step sequencers.  In the video we routed a microphone to the input and use it as a human beat box cheat machine but we recommend you to use it on all sorts of audio. Right here we midi mapped the step sequensers to the Novation Launchpad and control the rest of the Catchdad settings with the Behringer BCR2000. When we used our Jazzmutant Lemur we could fit all controllers onto one page which made it faster to operate and more fun to use but we think you’ll find it fun, creative, intuitive, addictive and highly usable whatever controller you use (No, you don’t need a midi controller but we don’t like live acts that hide behind a laptop for 45 minutes so please get one).

What it can’t do:
This is a live tool so we haven’t bothered to add a save button… Once you quit your VST host the samples go by by. All other settings are saved though, just to piss you off. =)

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