I moved our plugins to Patreon… Join me there!

The era of noisebud.com hosting the online plugin store has drawn to a close. All plugin-related content has moved to Patreon for easier management and to free up more time for development. The entry-level Patreon membership is $5 monthly, you hop-on and hop-off as you wish. You get to keep and use everything posted on Patreon. For every month you stay, you support further development, both for updates and new fresh out-of-the-box-thinking plugins to make your music producing, mixing, and mastering as fun as it should be!


If the demand for a certain plugin is high I’ll make it available here on the site as a one-time donation download, but, you need to go via Patreon to find the links. See you on Patreon!

MidSider Update!!!

One of our most popular releases just got an update, and it’s a pretty big update. The former version did make it easier to use any plugin in mid/side mode but it was far from perfect. Version 3 makes things way easier.

The update includes the possibility to use just the right or the left channel as well as the mid and side. We also added a ‘normal’ stereo mode so that switching between mid/side and stereo can be done from the plugin itself. You can also bypass the plugin that you use with MidSider from the MidSider interface. We’re pretty proud of this update and hope you will enjoy it as much as we do.

MidSider 3

BuhDist – Plugin of the month

This plugin has been in the making for quite some time, the actual distortion algorithm is a couple of years old but right before this summer, I decided to start cooking up a GUI and add some functionality to make it more usable as a plugin. The result is called BuhDist. It will add distortion in 7 steps, giving you a rich and meaty distortion that will sound good on pretty much anything. Initially, it was made to distort electronic kicks but has developed since then.  It’s available on Patreon right now and will be available on the site as soon as I have the time to sort out some issues with my hosting.



NoLias let you quickly determine if there are any aliasing artifacts created by plugins in a mastering (or mix) chain. It doesn’t measure anything, it’s nothing fancy, but sometimes the no-frills solution does the job better than any other approach. NoLias runs a customized sine sweep, if there’s aliasing created, you’ll hear the sweep fold back into the audible spectrum (see the video for an example). The plugin consists of an on/off switch, level control for the sine sweep, and a simple spectrum analyzer. The analyzer doesn’t have a function, I used it while forming the sine sweep and let it stay out of esthetical reasons. In “off” mode, NoLias passes the signal from the input to the output untouched. When turned on, it starts to play the sweep.

ATM This plugin is only available at Patreon: