a Christmas gift for all techno, house and trance producers

Just in time for christmas we have this little spin off product ready, so go ahead and put it under your tree.

Lazy Kenneth will help those who don’t know how to use, or are too lazy to use sidechain to handle heavy basslines that collide with the bass drum in 4/4 music. That is music where you put a bass drum on all fours, techno, house, trance, minimal, tribal and so on.  Put Lazy Kenneth on the bassline track and it will automatically duck the signal when the bass drum hits. You could place a LK on all tracks except the bass drum for some real heavy pumping effect.

Merry Christmas!


One thought on “a Christmas gift for all techno, house and trance producers

  1. You might stick to an old classic group of drum machine samples like the TR808, or you can get inventive and record your own.
    If you are composing hip hop music or a country
    western, the beat often is the first and most radically
    diverse factor.

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