VST Plugins

This is the home of our VST plugin series for Windows. We decided to make all future releases donate-ware to cover hosting costs but we will provide free versions of most plugins, consider a small donation if you use them regularly or like them immensely.

License Agreement:

It is ok to:
– use Noisebud branded software for personal or professional use
– make money with music or soundeffects where our products are used
– use our products live on stage

It is NOT ok to:
– sell or in any other way commercialize upon our software without our permission, this includes software aggregators who use free software to gain traffic to their online services.
– to post direct download links or host our software on any server without our permission

And of course:
– we do not take any responsibility and we are not liable for any damage caused through the use of Noisebud branded products or services, be it indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages (including but not limited to damages for loss of business, loss of profits, interruption or the like).

Dynamic Low End controller
Free – $9.99

Chokidar EQ
Balancing Mastering EQ

Free – $11.99

Our gritty and evil bass synthesizer that will blow either your head or your speakers apart.
$Free – $7.99

Mix/mastering tool to quickly clean up hi and low end
$3.30 – Name your price

Transparent RMS based Leveling amp and/or mastering compressor
$Free – Name your price

Leak part of the side information into the mid channel.
$3.30 – Name your price

Haas Panner.
Pan your audio with Psycho-Acoustics…
$Free – Name your price

Haas Stereo Displacer.
Change your stereo image with Psycho-Acoustics…
$Free – Name your price

Use mid/side processing in any plugin.
$3.30 – Name your price

Our personal monitor control extension.
$3.30 – Name your price

De-Harsh your mix or master without any effort.
$Free – Name your price

Find out if your mix will sound harsh on other systems or at high playback volume.
$Free – Name your price

The Low End measuring mix and mastering tool
$3.30 – Name your price

Bass drum modelling and mix tool .
$Free – Name your price
2Noisebud Binvert 2 2013-12-04 152600.bmp

GranMa will record a snippet of the incoming audio and play her buffers back as soon you start to move the buffer platters.
$Free – Name your price

Lazy Kenneth
This is for all 4/4 type of music, techno, house, trance and so on.
Fake that pumping sidechained compressor effect just by put this on your bassline, pads or what ever!
$Free – Name your price

Catch any sound in real time and start program beats just as if it was a drum machine.

Add grit, shit and dirt to everything.
$Free – Name your price

Our first plugin, lots of filters stacked on each other.

Turn you MIDI controller into an meter bridge.
$Free – 3.30 – Name your price (depend on version)

Turn anything into a wobbling rythm.

Alpha, Betas and RC’s
Far from finished but functional test versions of projects that might happen.

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