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SlowMB is the multi-band version of our popular RMS mastering compressor Slow. It’s made to subtly enhance and control the balance and dynamics of a mix, according to us it does a better job later in the mastering chain, probably before your single band mastering compressor (if you need one) or your limiter. You use it as you wish (of course)  but we recommend a subtle approach. If you need to go to 11, blend in the dry signal and benefit from all the goodies that parallel processing brings. We think you’ll love how details pop forward, the smooth leveling between passages and the natural glue.

We have done some changes from the single band version and here’s a quick list of the main differences:

  • SlowMB uses a Feedback design, the single band version has a feedforward architecture
  • SlowMB has a built-in wet and dry control for parallel compression
  • The attack and release behave in a slightly different way, it’s more ‘what you see and set is what you get’ than in the single band version.

Other than that you will feel at home, it reacts and sounds like the single band version and we hope you’ll give it as much love as the single band version!

Good to know:

  • Windows users: Our plugins depend on Microsoft Visual C++ 2015, you can get it here: Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable
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  • Mac versions (if present) are still considered as test-builds, they seem to work perfectly but we’re still testing.
  • We currently don’t officially support OSX Catalina or above, however, users have reported that our plugins work by bypassing Apples Gatekeeper.
    There are two ways to do this:
    • In your DAW, hit ‘Cancel’ to the message, then open System Preferences/Security & Privacy, you should see the plugin mentioned at the bottom. Click ‘Allow Anyway’ to enable it.
    • Open Terminal. Type the following three commands, hitting ‘return’ in between.
      sudo spctl –master-disable
      auval -a
      sudo spctl –master-enable

32 bit
Slow-MB v1.03