All Plugins Bundle


This is our All Plugins Bundle site, a donation will let you download the following plugins:

  • Bompa 3.0 – Amaze-balls grit and dirt engine – also known as warmth
  • Curello 1.5 – Quick filter for mix/mastering purpose with benefits.
  • Slow v 1.2 – Slow leveling amp / mastering compressor
  • Leaky – Leak all or some of the Side info into the Mid channel
  • HaasPan 1.0 – Haas Panner
  • pHaasE 1.0 – Stereo imager (experimental, does wonders at times)
  • Midsider – Enable Mid/Side capabilities with any plugin in Reaper
  • Listen 1.6 -Our personal monitor control extender
  • Smile 2.2 – Fletcher-Munson Deharsher
  • Evouyn 1.61 – Low End measuring tool
  • GranMA 2.0 in color – Granular instant sampler
  • Binvert 2.0 in color – Phase mixing tool
  • Lazy Kenneth 1.51 – 4/4 Side-chain Simulator
  • MIDIVU -latest beta, both mono and stereo version – Use a MIDI controller as a Audio Meter.
  • Fletchy-Muncher -Check your mix for harshness
  • CatchDad 2.0 – Realtime sampler and sequencer

If you donated earlier and feel entitled to a upgrade or plugin that didn’t exist when you generously sent us a donation, just throw us an e-mail and we’ll hook you up. Include your Paypal transaction info. Here’s our address: info (at)

Your download links will be sent to your Paypal e-mail address.