Noisebud Listen is our own monitor control extender. It has things we like to have within reach while mixing and mastering.

    • If you use Sennheiser HD 650, Listen will flatten their frequency response for better and more accurate monitoring (one of the best cans just got better)
    • Filter quick buttons – Preview the low, mid or the high end with a push of a button.
    • Evouyn and Fletchy-Muncher built in
    • Pink noise generator – Good for some mixing tasks and to “wash your ears” after hours in the studio
    • Monitor the Stereo, Left, Right, Mid (mono) or Side (difference) signal
    • When Fletchy-Muncher or the HD 650 response flattening is active the GUI will ‘strob’ randomly and a voice will say ‘Warning’ once a minute. You can disable these warnings with the ‘Audible Warning’ and ‘Visual Warning’ swtiches. They’re there to remind you that Listen is alternating the spectrum. We don’t want you to render it like that, do we?


Changelog 2.0 – 2.1

  • You can now choose to listen on the Left, Right, Mid or Side channel.

This video goes through all functions in the plugin (version 1.6)…

This video demos the HD 650 flattening with a handful of known songs (listen with your Sennheiser HD 650)…



Thanks to:

Christian-W Budde, David Haupt, Daz Disley, KDL, Rob Herder, Scoofster and Dover for their excellent synthedit modules!

For Windows 32Bit hosts (or bridged in 64bit hosts)

There’s no free version of this plugin, sorry…