Leaky2 will let you leak, move or replace part of the spectrum from the left, right, sum (mid) or difference (side) to a choice of the same. Leaky and Leaky2 were Initially made to handle phase cancelation problems while mastering but there are other uses too. REMEMBER: Taking the trackback to the mix should always be your number one choice, fiddle with phase during mastering will always have consequences!

Example of situations where Leaky can be useful:

  • Some instrument or part of a mix is out of phase, both while mixing or mastering
  • Leak the diff/side into the sum/mid to enhance the reverb when listening in mono
  • Most of the atmosphere of the track is placed in the side and get lost while in mono.
  • Upmix mono content to stereo
  • Lift back some of the choir to the center channel without losing width

Introduction and phase cancellation tutorial:

Tutorial: Use Leaky 2 to stereoize a mono track:


Available as:

  • Windows 32bit VST2
  • Windows 64bit VST2
  • Windows 64bit VST3

  • MAC OSX 64bit AU (We still consider Mac builds experimental, seems to work perfectly though… So far so good)

Good to know:

  • Windows users: Our plugins depend on Microsoft Visual C++ 2015, you can get it here: Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable
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