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Leaky2 will let you leak, move or replace part of the spectrum from the left, right, sum (mid), or difference (side) to a choice of the same. Leaky and Leaky2 were Initially made to handle phase cancelation problems while mastering but as features been added and the creativity among our users has shown that that’s just one of many cases where Leaky2 can come in handy. REMEMBER: Taking the track back to the mix should always be your number one choice, fiddle with phase during mastering will always have consequences!

Example of situations where Leaky can be useful:

  • Some instrument or part of a mix is out of phase, both while mixing or mastering
  • Leak the diff/side into the sum/mid to enhance the reverb when listening in mono
  • Most of the atmosphere of the track is placed in the side and get lost while in mono.
  • Upmix mono content to stereo
  • Lift back some of the choir to the center channel without losing width

Introduction and phase cancellation tutorial:

Tutorial: Use Leaky 2 to stereoize a mono track:

Tutorial/demo: Using Leaky2 and Skyline to rescue a misplaced vocal in a live recording.

Johannes walks us through the two new methods in v1.5.

Changelog 1.52

  • Added two more methods, Filter and Filter Destination modes

Available as:

  • Windows 32bit VST2
  • Windows 64bit VST2
  • Windows 64bit VST3

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