Bompa was one of the first plugins we made, the idea was to create a plugin that did everything that you shouldn’t do to audio in one, all mighty Mayhem, plugin. We didn’t post it on the site because we didn’t thought anyone would care about it but people always asked how we achieved the sound that it generated. We told them that we used a plugin called Bompa and all of the sudden all of our friends wanted a copy. All hell break loose when the German magazine “Beat” gave it good reviews and their 2 million readers visited our site… not really, all their readers didn’t visit but enough for us to realize that we probably had created something unique.
The difference between Bompa and similar overdrive/distortion plugins is that Bompa let you carve out your own characteristic in a way we haven’t found anywhere else.  It’s suitable for both subtle usage in mastering to add warmth or for use while mixing creatively to mess things up beyond recognition.

New in 3.0:

  • Reworked all graphics from scratch
  • Reworked the limiter
  • The dry signal can be routed in different ways
  • added a bypass button


Mastering examples snippets:

Walk through:


Noisebud Bompa got nice reviews in German music magazine Beat issue #71


For Windows 32Bit hosts (or bridged in 64bit hosts)

Download Demo – (Demo sign and a occasional bursts of white noise…)